Miranda's in Udaipur!

Miranda at Shaktipur. Photo taken by Monica Figueredo, February 2017.

Miranda at Shaktipur. Photo taken by Monica Figueredo, February 2017.

From 10-28th April, Miranda ten Broeke, co-founder and program director of Shakti Caravan—will be offering dance and movement workshops in Udaipur.

Miranda is a professionally trained dancer and teaching artist from New York. She has trained since age 4 with the internationally acclaimed world and folk dance company, The Vanaver Caravan. In 2012, she directed the initial Shakti Caravan pilot program, where she began training Shakti Caravan member and esteemed Udaipur-based choreographer, Bharat Verma, in body percussion (introducing him to the art form that is now his unique expertise). Since then, Miranda has been an active force in making sure Shakti Caravan programming reaches as many communities as possible in Udaipur and beyond. She considers the city of lakes her second home.

What to expect in a workshop with Miranda:

In just a few hours, students will experience a variety of lively dances from all over the globe! Dances range from South African Gumboot, West African Dance, Hawaiian Ancient Hula, Israeli Folk Dance, Middle Eastern line dance, Brazilian Samba, Body Percussion, Swing Dance, American Clogging, and Modern Dance. Additionally, students will learn a series of unique exercises and games to get everyone feeling comfortable, confident, connected, energized, and inspired.  

Whether you are a talented dancer/performer with aspirations to build a big career out of dance, or you are simply looking to try something new and deepen your relationship with your own body, Miranda’s dance and movement workshops will give you an unforgettable—perhaps even life-changing—experience.

  • She teaches workshops for ages 4-adult. Generally in batches 4-6*, 7-9*, 9-12, 13-17 and 18+

  • Workshops can run from 1-3 hours

  • She caters her classes to fit the needs of the space and the abilities of students

  • *Children’s classes follow the format of creative movement, and include storytelling and folktales, singing, and games.

Miranda’s teaching philosophy:

I have dedicated most of my life to the idea that recognizing each other’s humanity is the first thing we, as humans, should do. I have trained my body to understand the way that other people move in this world. I’ve taught dances from almost every country to over 4,000 students in hopes of inspiring them to see that, no matter where we are from, what we do, how much money we make, what religion we do or don’t practice, what color our skin is, who we love, what gender we are, and what language(s) we speak … these things may define us, but they do not separate us. 

I remind my students that their bodies are sacred and deserving of respect–that “the body is not simply a vehicle for the mind.” That the arts have the power to bring people together and effect social change. I help people treat their bodies as their home. I remind them that babies learn to dance before they learn to walk–everywhere—and I help people to come back to a sense of comfort, playfulness, and joy in themselves. I believe the best way to make someone feel these things is to nourish our bodies with movement and dance.

If you are interested in setting up a class or workshop for your friends, colleagues, school, organization, or community, please get in touch. Miranda can be contacted at shakticaravan@gmail.com. Do so quickly, as her time is filling up!

See our Calendar for current Open/Closed Workshops.