Miranda’s Writing

Hi! I’m Miranda. I am a co-founder, dancer, and program coordinator at Shakti Caravan and I believe fiercely in things like education reform, magical thinking, and using the arts to effect social change. I write about these things here.

It is important to note that these posts are personal reflections and do not represent Shakti Caravan as a whole. However; these essays and stories often come from conversations and experiences that have taken place during Shakti Caravan.

When I first came to India in 2012, I started a blog called “Musings from India” as a way to make sense of my experiences in this incredible place. Since then, I’ve simplified the title, as “Musings from India” implies that I must be IN India in order to, well, muse. Shakti Caravan, as an entity, is not confined to one specific place or medium, so why should I be? This blog has evolved over the years but, whoever you are, sweet reader, I hope you find some snippet in these pages that sparks something for you.

The First Post

The point, anyway.

It is the coldest day of December yet and I leave for India in exactly two weeks. I’m told it will not be hot in Udaipur this time of year, but I know it won’t be this damn freezing. I guess I should start with some sort of explanation or declaration. I’ve been very hesitant to start a real blog. I don’t just want to vomit words onto an endless screen (well actually, I secretly do, but I’ve restrained myself). One day, while procrastinating, I started a blog  called Smatterings & Tidbits and, as proud as I felt about the quirky name … I never smattered or tibitted a thing. I realize that if I’m going to really start a blog, I need to write about something specific–or specific-ish. I need a focal point to pull my thoughts together. 

That focal point will be my imminent trip to India–the center of all my scattered thoughts! This blog will serve as a travel journal, a field note book for me to write up fieldnotes, a place to post up pictures, videos, stories, and insights, for me to ponder pedagogy and philosophy, to raise questions about educational institutions, to frame my senior thesis, to open up and express myself, and to check in with friends and family. That’s what this blog will be about.